Player Behavior

1.1 - Slurs and hateful comments against social groups is not tolerated, slurs and comments related to sex, race, sexuality, gender identity, religion and nationality.

1.2 - Conversations about controversial real life political situations, self harm, sexually explicit content, graphic violence and gore is not allowed.

1.3 - No spamming of any kind is allowed. This may include the same or similar messages being spammed twice or more within a five-minute period. Players who are contributing to spam messages will also be punished. 

1.4 - No bypassing chat rules through plugin messages (towny invites or town creation/deletion) or console messages such as death messages or joining/leaving the server.

1.5 - All players must speak English in general chat and trade channel, other languages that are in high demand may have their own separate channels.

1.6 - No player impersonation.

1.7 - No link sharing or advertisements, links unrelated to the server are not allowed or IPs. Encouraging players to join a different server is not allowed however other servers can be referenced to. The use of IP-grabbers is also forbidden.

1.8 - Spam bots that join the server and spam walls of text will be permanently banned.

1.9 - Server raiding is not allowed, players found to have been spamming other servers may not find one to come back to.

1.10 - Trade channel is only to be used for trade or commercial purposes. Exchanging in-game items or services for real life currency is prohibited.

Toxicity and Harassment

2.1 - No doxxing, this includes but not limited to, personal photos, videos, names, address or social media accounts unless the person involved has already posted such items in a public discord or in server chat. 

2.2 - Harassment of an individual or group is not allowed, threats of violence, inciting self harm and blackmail are also prohibited. Harassment is counted as repeated actions of targeted abuse as determined by staff. This may include, but is not limited to:

  • Spawn killing
  • Trapping (trapped must be able to kill themselves)
  • Continuous targeted messages in game or on Discord.
  • Sieging and forcing the individual or a group's town to move location more than once. If the town remains within 1000 blocks of one of the attacking nation’s towns, this rule does not apply.

2.3 -  No offensive builds or messages through physical structure, signs, books or map art. This includes obscene structures and hate symbols.

2.4 - Players who have been found to have falsified or withheld evidence to get another player punished will be punished themselves. 

2.5 - Players can not have usernames, nicknames, titles or skins that are racist, sexist, sexually explicit, homophobic, transphobic or xenophobic.

2.6 - Bullying is not allowed, bullying is considered to be repetitive use of name calling and encouraging other players in excluding the player.

2.7 - Killing or attacking staff members while doing an investigation is not allowed.

2.8 – Punishments may also be applied to any player found guilty of breaking any rule listed above if the rule-breaking occurred in a non-official NewEarth server depending on the severity.

Stealing and Griefing

3.1 - Town staff (such as mayor, co-mayor, assistant, builders) and those who are trusted, will be punished if found to have griefed or stolen from a resident’s plot. A mayor is not allowed to kick a player from their town for the sole purpose of stealing their belongings. Mayors can prove this is not the case if the resident was inactive for over one week or behaving poorly, such as rule breaking. Property that is griefed or stolen in an unowned plot in the town will not be rolled back. Town mayors are responsible for ensuring their permissions are correct and only give roles to players they trust.

Town staffs are not allowed to bypass this rule by changing Towny permission and letting non town staffs gried or steal.

3.2 - Proximity grief is not allowed, grief is allowed in the wild unless it is within 2 chunks of a town.

3.3 - Stealing and griefing is allowed in wilderness, this includes ruins and any structures, however major terraforming of a landscape is not allowed.

3.4 - Lava casting is not allowed.

3.5 - Infrastructure built in the wild can not be griefed, this includes rail tracks and ice rails. Infrastructure can be modified by players but must not prevent anyone using the infrastructure from getting to the original destination or causing harm to such users.

Map Art 

4.1 - Map art must not contain the following content, sexually explicit images, underage characters, hate speech, hate symbols or images used to harass individuals and groups. Map art standards of what is considered sexually explicit will be decided by staff. It is recommended to speak with a staff member before creating map art to make sure it does not violate map art guidelines.

4.2 - Map art can’t be griefed whilst in the process of the map art being created.

Towns and Nations

5.1 - Nation names should refer to a real life (past or present) nation.  References to Nazi Germany, Islamic State and the Soviet Union are not allowed. Fictional names may be allowed if they relate to the geographical area of the nation capital. If you have any enquiries about a nation name, make a ticket and discuss with staff.

5.2 - Town names can be fictional but should try to fit into the geographic location. 

5.3 - Town and nation names can not be inappropriate or toxic. Town names should contain no symbols besides hyphens or underscores and are able to be accessed by players when looking for town information. 

5.4 - Towns cannot claim-arm areas of land. Claim arms must be three chunks wide and be no more than 3 chunks in length. Claim arms longer than 3 chunks in length are only allowed to be used to claim infrastructure (roads, railways, rivers, canals). In this case, the claim arm must not prevent another town’s expansion.

Hollow claims are also prohibited, hollow claims are defined as an area within a town's claims that give the appearance of being fully claimed when inside those claims is wilderness.

5.5 - Towns can not be entirely encircled without the permission of the town’s mayor.

5.6 – Anchor towns are not allowed. Anchor towns are towns created for the primary purpose of blocking another town’s expansion. This will be determined on a case-by-case basis by staff. An anchor town will be more readily identifiable if the town is in the middle of another nation’s claims or if the nations concerned are at war or unallied.

Siege War & PVP

6.1 - Players cannot intentionally kill themselves to feed points to the opposing side. 

6.2 - Spawn camping is not allowed, you can not wait outside their base or town to repetitively kill other players, /sethome outside claims is also prohibited. The player’s home must be at least ten chunks away from town claims. This also applies to town outposts, town outpost spawns must be at least 10 chunks away from town claims.

6.3 - Claim hopping is not allowed, this means you can not run into claims to avoid being tagged in combat.

6.4 - Teleportation killing or spawn traps of any kind is not allowed. 

6.5 - Digging pits below the banner is not allowed, those who have been found to have dug out the pit will be unable to take part for the remainder of the siege.

Note - Spawn camping, spawn traps or using glitches/exploits in order to get points during a siege will result in the offending side losing the siege after multiple violations. Allies are also prohibited in breaking these rules on behalf of the attacking/defending nation. Ganks/PVP Bases should be one full chunk away from the banner.


Hacking, Exploits & Glitches

7.1 - Players can not take advantage of exploits, glitches or technical oversights. This includes AFK bypassing.

7.2 - Players using cheat clients, hack clients, macro keying or other tools in order to gain an unfair gameplay advantage over other players is not allowed. 

This does not include:

  • Optifine
  • Litematica
  • Armor/Effect Status HUD Mods
  • Minimap Mods (cave mode and player head mode must be turned off)
  • PvP Clients (that don’t give unfair advantages)

7.3 - Players who have been found to have benefitted from another player’s exploitation of rules or glitches will also be subject to punishment.

7.4 - VPNs/Proxies/Alt Accounts are not allowed.

7.5 - Players will be punished if they are found to have caused intentional lag. Players who create excessive lag through monster spawners/platforms and large farms may have these removed after being talked to by staff.


Even if it is not explicitly specified in this rule, players that cause harm to the server or other players, or any actions that fall into one of the categories in the rules may be punished at the discretion of the administrators and/or the server owner.

Continual offenses against the rules will result in a stronger punishment, including a permanent ban from the server.

We reserve the right to update, change or replace any part of these rules at any time without notice.

If you see a person breaking any of these rules, you may submit a player report by making a ticket on our Support Discord 

You may appeal your ban by making a ticket on our Support Discord unless told not to. 

Players are responsible for reading and understanding the rules before they play. 

Players are responsible for any consequences of breaking the rules. 

If you are unsure whether something is against the rules or not, it's recommended to make a ticket on the Support Discord and ask us before doing it.